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I, (We), understand that water sports, like other sports, can be inherently dangerous and carry with them a risk of injury or death. With the above understanding, I,(We), indemnify and hold harmless La Fragata Sailing S.A., El Sueño Resort LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company, Guapizul, Ltda., a Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada, Constructora COPT, Ltda. a Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada, Marina Pez Vela Quepos, S.A., their owners, officers, directors, agents and heirs from any liability what so ever resulting from the participation in LFSC activities or the use of any of the aforementioned facilities, assets or resources. I,(we) also agree to be responsible for any damage that I,(We) may cause to the property or assets of the club or aforementioned parties through our participation in or use of LFSC activities or assets, respectively. I,(We) agree these activities are being carried out in the country of Costa Rica, and as such are subject solely to the laws of Costa Rica and accept the jurisdiction of the Province of Puntarenas. KNOWN & UNKNOWN RISKS: I understand that my participation in this activity presents varying degrees of certain risks, some of which are unknown, which may arise from a condition of the premises at which the activity is held; from an action of any person in connection with the conduct of any planned or unplanned activity; or from other unforeseen elements. While it is understood that LFSC activities are fully supervised by qualified staff whose goal it is to make every LFSC experience as safe as possible, I acknowledge that such known and unknown risks exist, I understand that I may incur personal injury or property damage while attending this activity, and I fully and willingly agree to assume all risks associated with these activities. MEDICAL RELEASE: I consent to first aid and emergency medical care and authorize, if necessary, admission to a hospital for treatment of injuries that could sustain while participating in this program. I understand that I am responsible for any and all medical expenses that may be incurred, including emergency medical transport, as a result of any accident or illness while participating in the program. PUBLICITY RELEASE: I agree to allow the use of photos, quotes and/ or likeness’ in brochures, ads, web pages, videos and other media as deemed useful by LFSC for marketing purposes. I waive rights to any royalty or fees that might be applicable for the use of such images, quotes or likeness’.